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The Concept of Renting
Why rent instead of buy?
You can save money by renting gears you need only some of the time. Unless you are a frequent camper or backpacker, investing in costly gear for only occasional use doesn't make financial sense. You can rent our high quality, top-brand gear for much less than you'd pay to buy even inexpensive, low quality brands. For the price of a round of golf for a few hours, enjoy the great outdoors for days!
Why should I rent from you?
How about convenience? Select the gear you want from the comfort of your home or on your boss's dime, and we will deliver to your house or destination. No running across town to pick up and then drop off the gear by a retailer's deadline. Sure we have some delivery charges, but I'd bet that's less than the gas and hassle cost of going across town. There are other online sources of rentals, but we are the biggest outdoor online rental store and hopefully you'll find - the best!
What type of gear do you have?
We have tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, lanterns, barbeque grills, mattress pads and all of the accessories you might need for an enjoyable camping experience. We carry top brands such as Quechua, Coleman, Geonaute and Forclaz. Our gears are of the current model versions and in new or like-new top condition.
How can I find the gear I want?

There are 2 ways of finding the most suitable equipment for your activity.

You can either click on the equipment section on the top right side of our website and be taken to a complete list of all our gears or on the home page after selecting your activity, you will be asked to share your start and end dates. On completion, you will be directed to all the gears related to your activity. Each product listing includes a detailed description, photos, rental rates for 3, 7, 14 and 21 days and links to related gear of possible interest.
What else other than your gear should I take on my trip?
Apart from the gears, you could check out the Tips Section. In the tips section under trekking, you will get medical, hydration, location, backpack and footwear tips for all different type of trips.
How can I figure out which of your gear is best for me?

What kind of trip do you plan to take? Are you going for a short or long backpacking trip? Will you be spending the night at an established, full-service campground, or out on the trail with no facilities of any kind? What will the temperature ranges be? How many will be in your party?

-If you are going for a day trip and camping, you would basically need tents, camping furniture and a BBQ Grill (If you are interested in doing it).

-If you are going a trek and overnight camping, you will require tents, sleeping bags (depending on the temperature), BBQ Grill (If you want to try cooking), lanterns to keep the tents lit up and head lamps if you are doing a night trek or exploring your campsite.
Will you sell the gear to me?
No. We are purely in the renting business and do not sell any equipment.
Booking & Changes
How do I place an order?

When you visit the Equipment Section, you have to first select the activity and time period of your order. Once selected, our suggested equipment category suitable for your activity will open up and you can browse through all the equipment for each category. Select the quantity and rental period for each equipment. While you are selecting the equipment and rental periods, your order summary will be displayed on the right hand side.

Once your order has been selected, you can add the “delivery and pickup option”, share your address details and Check Out. If you haven’t registered as yet, you will be asked to log in with either your Gmail or Facebook details.

An email will reach you immediately after the transaction has completed with your order details. Delivery will be guaranteed by the end of the day before your departure.

How do I make a change to my order?
Just contact us or email us hello@renta.in
How do I cancel an order?
There's no way to go through the site and edit a previously submitted order, but we can handle it in other ways. Send us an email to cancel the existing order and then go back online and submit a new one with any changed info; or, just call or email us with what you need to happen and we'll straighten it out. Cancellation of an order has to happen 4 days prior to the date of delivery.
What is your deposit policy?

Our rental prices are low, but we must be protected from loss of the high value of our gear while it is in your possession. At the time of order delivery, the security deposit that is half the MRP of the equipment will be taken along with your rental price. So for example, if you are renting a Quechua T4 hiking tent for Rs.1250/3 days, we will add a security deposit of Rs. 4000 to your bill, so your total will come to Rs. 5,250 (plus delivery charge).

The entire security deposit amount will be refunded on return of the products. General wear and tear is completely understandable and will not be charged but rips, damaged products or unremovable stains will be deducted from this deposit. If you manage to lose it, you will have to buy it from us.
How far in advance must I place an order?
We can generally deliver your order within 1 business day of its placement. It is advisable to reserve as far ahead as possible to ensure best selection of gear, particularly if you want it between June to February, the busiest time of the year for us.
What payment methods do you offer?
Currently we are only offering cash on delivery but we will soon start with the online payment option.
What can you tell me about your prices?
As you browse through our product listings, you'll see the prices for various rental time periods. The prices vary as per the number of days you wish to have the equipment. If you have some unusual circumstances, high-volume requests or longer rental period needs that our standard options do not meet, we'll be glad to try to accommodate you; contact us here.
Do I need to create an account to purchase gear from your website?
Yes, you would need to register with us before you place any order. The registration process is very simple. On clicking the Register Button you can either create a new account or log in with your current Gmail ID or Facebook Log In.
I have forgotten my password. How do I obtain a new password?
You can click on ‘Forgot Password?’ in the Login panel. Enter the email address you entered at the time of registration. Check your email and follow the prompts to generate a new password.
Delivery & Returns
How do I check out the status of an order or delivery status?

At the time of shipment you will receive an email stating that your order has been processed and you will receive it in a days’ time.

While the order is still being processed you can check the status of your order by visiting your Profile Page that has the “ORDER” option.
How do I know I'll receive my gear in time for my trip?
Every effort is made to deliver the gear to your designated address not later than the day before your Start Date. Occasionally there could be weather delays. The best prevention is ordering well in advance. When we process the order, we will send you an email informing the time to be taken to deliver the order.
How do I get the gear back to you?

Our delivery and pick up team will come to collect the equipment from the address registered with us, within 2 days from the date of your activity end date as per your order. The team will come and pick up the equipment before 7pm.

You must return the gear to us clean and dry, free of mud and heavy dirt. The gear must be dry before returning it to us to avoid mildew or mould which can zap the gear by the time it is returned. You will be responsible for lost or damaged goods, from the time you receive the gear until it is received back to us for inspection.

Get in Touch
How do I contact you if I have more questions?
We're ready to answer your questions about our products and services, but we've tried real hard to provide a lot of info on this site to minimize any problems. If needed, the best way to reach us is here; if we're on another line when you call, we will reply or call you back within a few hours during business days.
What areas of India are covered?
Currently our services are open only for the citizen of Mumbai. We are looking to expand our services in other parts of India soon.